Our Master Bedroom

Remember how we had someone living in our master suite for about a year and a half after we moved in? I have never really shown you that part of the house because it wasn’t inhabited but us until late this past summer.  AJ and I are starting to think that maybe we should finally move into the master suite. Currently we have one baby in there (whichever one is sick or coughing in the middle of the night or waking up regularly at 4:45am (I wish I were joking)) and the other in the babies’ room. AJ just told me this summer would be our time to get projects done around the house (I’m going to hold him to it. ;)).

I just popped the chairs from our living room at the base of the bed to see if I liked that sizing (I want something smaller) but love having the additional seating.

My goal for the room is to feel very relaxing and luxurious without being frou frou. I’d love to see a settee at the end of the end of the bed and possibly a group of chairs that are where the crib currently is. I want plenty of blank floor space to sit and do laundry, this room is the perfect space to sort the mountains of clothes that never seem to end…

Behind the half wall are stairs that lead to the master bath, you can see the top of the bathroom door, and then down to the kitchen.

Here’s my punch list (this won’t all be complete this summer):

  • Replace the doors to the two closets surrounding the bed. We did this to four closets already to get rid of some dated looking doors and it made such a big difference, especially since the house is so classic already.


Elle’s closet door was replaced here and now her closet matches the rest of the bedroom doors.

  • Put some sort of window treatments up over the windows above the bed and the front window.
  • Replace the front window with three windows. We find that the one window looks a little lonely from the front of the house.
  • Replace the carpeting with hardwood. The carpet is so soft but but the tenant had a cat with claws so it’s looking a raggedy plus unfortunately there are some noticeable stains on it.
  • Change out everything in the master bath. I have my vision ready to go and nearly priced out because I’m hoping we can check this off the list for the summer.
  • Bring our bed in here and throw out this one that we DIYed years ago (it was damaged in the move here, the side broke and all the fabric covering the base came off).
  • We’ve already removed the shower that was at the base of the stairs and replaced it with a door so that this room has a separate entrance.
  • One of the closets has a sink and vanity and I’d love to either remove it entirely (I just do my makeup in the bathroom… or in the car. ;)) but I’m not sure what AJ’s vision is for this space.
  • Paint the room white and possibly do some wallpaper or something in the bed nook.

Once our bed is in the master suite it’ll look very similar to this combo. I am in love with both the bed and nightstands (we’ve had them for almost a year and 1.5 years, respectively) and would buy them again in a second.

Here are some great beds that are very similar to ours BUT ALL SIX ARE UNDER $500… and few are in the $300 range!!!


Have a great night and happy Tuesday!


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