Spring Time Best Purchases

We are taking Drew and Elle on a surprise trip to Naples, Florida over April vacation so I’ve been doing my research for a few fun summer items. Here some of my favorite things that I’ve purchased within the last year, or items very similar to them… or some that are on my wish list now. One of the things that I love about this round up is that I can easily picture any of these items on my sister, myself or my mom.

ONE   ||  TWO  || THREE  ||  FOUR  || FIVE  || SIX  || SEVEN


one I always find these straw hats so glamorous and remind me of movie stars from the ’40s. This one is very close to the one I own and really affordable!

two I have these PJ pants from J. Crew in a different color and wear them all the time in the spring and summer. The price is amazing too!

three Wouldn’t this dress double as a great beach cover up… it would look so cute paired with the canvas slip on sneakers and the straw pom pom clutch.

four These canvas slip on sneakers are almost identical to a pair I wore all last spring and summer with skinny jeans and t-shirt dresses. They are so versatile.

seven These Kate Spade earrings (I have them in three colors) are my absolute favorite. They look fantastic with a dressy dress or a baseball cap (this one is my fave).

ten This Kate Spade wallet is similar to  mine that I got at the Kate Spade Outlet a few years ago. I’ve found it’s worth every penny and every well made.

eleven I just ordered these menswear inspired PJs and can’t wait till they get here… Apparently Shopbop is associated with Amazon because I got to use my Amazon Prime membership to get them here with free shipping in two days!

thirteen I’ve had this chambray shirt for a few months and it’s cute paired with a skirt or white skinny jeans and flip flops.

What are your favorite spring or summer finds? Leave a comment and fill me in!

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