Master Bathroom Before and Plans

We’ve been talking about our spring and summer to-do list and what projects we will tackle around our house. The number one project is to finish painting it (yes, we are “those” neighbors with a half painted house…. so embarrassing). One item on our list is to renovate our master bath. I’ve outlined everything I want for the space below plus a complete outline of what we are planning to spend as it may help you figure out how to budget for a bath renovation in your future. Doing a list like this is also really helpful for AJ when he’s figuring out what projects we will tackle this spring / summer based off what our budget is. Figuring out almost every potential cost makes the renovation go so much more smoothly because then he isn’t freaking out about all these little costs that I forgot about.

Master Bathroom Before

This is the wall opposite of the vanity.

I’m pretty blessed to have a hubby who is handy so won’t be paying a contractor but a handyman we just used estimated it would take him about a week to do the work (tiling the floor and tub and installing the tub, toilet and vanity) and it would cost about $1500 for his labor (this is with it being demoed already). Keep in mind he’s pretty affordable but if you are able to do some things yourself or act as your own general contractor for your project it could save you a lot of money! Even just demoing a bath / kitchen yourself can save money if you have a plumber or electrician do what they need to do first (unhooking the toilet / sink, etc.).

Without further ado…

Master Bathroom Plans

Vanity || Rug || Toilet || Tub || Hexagon Floor Tile || Marble Subway Tile || Bath Faucet || Medicine Cabinet || Towels || Apothecary Jars

The vanity is without a doubt my favorite part, and you know I love the white and Carrarra marble combination. I love the furniture look to it but plan on switching out the pulls like I did on our other vanity. It’s always funny to me how such a traditional design comes with modern pulls and knobs.

I have such a thing for marble. It’s a love affair that’s been going on for about 15 years now. I chose a four inch marble hexagon for the floor. It’s double the price of the two inch version we used for the half bath but I figure this is a great spot to splurge a little. It’s not that large of a space and it’ll make a big impact. The 3 x 6 subway tile is a great price at just under $8 a square foot. I purposely chose a little bit of a nicer tub because I wanted a classic design on the outside. I love the simple rectangle on the apron front of the tub.

My heart hurts a little bit at spending $349 on a toilet… especially when I know the $89 ones we buy for our rentals work and save water just as well… but the design on this toilet really makes it stand apart. It looks stately and goes really well with the tub design (both are Kohler so in our experience it means we’ll have a better chance of the whites matching well).

If at all possible we are going to salvage the custom frame around the vanity mirror… it’s so chunky and unique. I think painting it white will make for a real wow factor. The vanity mirror is a little damaged so we’ll just swap out that part. I like the look of a regular mirror better but because we can only fit a 36 inch vanity in here we are missing loads of storage so I want us to be practical too… and we currently use the medicine cabinet all the time.

I’m going for some simple light pink accessories. The rug isn’t a definite choice yet but I love the price (less than $40!) and for that price I can easily swap it out for another color if I decide I want some blue in here (you know me… every room in our house practically has some blue). These muted pink towels are the color that I’m going for but honestly I’ll probably just grab them at Home Goods.

The apocathary jars are a must have. These are actually from the kids’ bath that we are currently replacing the floor in. They are glass but we’ve never had a problem with Drew or Elle breaking anything or being rough with them. It’s great because I always know when we are running low on soap, cotton balls or q-tips!

Cost Breakdown:

Vanity: $899

Tub Tile (60 one foot square tiles needed): $480

Floor Tile (40 sq. feet needed): $800

Grout etc.: $75

Tub: $684.34

Toilet: $349 + $10 wax ring to install the new toilet

Sconces: keep the existing ones but get new clear glass shades… but in case I can’t find square shades that fit I’m budgeting $150 ($75 each)

Medicine Cabinet: $71.99

Paint: $35

Towels: $50

Rug: $35.99

Plumbing: $350 (AJ can do the sink and toilet because they are going back in the original spots but he isn’t able to hook up the shower

Shower Board: $100 (when the tile comes off in the shower we will most likely need to replace the cement board where the new tile will go)

Toilet Paper Holder and Shower Accessories: $125

We already own the shower curtain (I bought it to stage the flip at Marshalls) and the shower curtain rod.


Total: $4215.32

If you are not able to do this yourself remember to get an estimate from a tiler and a plumber (to hook up the tub, sink and toilet). A handyman may be totally capable in simple tiling jobs! Also, if your town requires a building permit to do a project like this make sure you factor in that cost… it’s not usually too high!

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