Date Nights

When we were first married people told us to get away for regular date nights once a week. We weren’t so great at doing it for the first year we had the twins but these past few months we’ve been a lot better at getting out even if it’s just for an hour date to grab a drink and some nachos at a restaurant in town. Last weekend AJ and I escaped for a night to the Hilton Boston-Woburn to experience their Romance Package. The trip was less than 24 hours but it was enough to feel refreshed. We stayed in one of the king rooms with a great walk in shower. Without a doubt my favorite part of the room was the shower… it’s design was so simple but it felt really luxurious too. Actually, the entire room’s design was really thoughtful. It was all based around the area’s past shoe and leather industries. The beds were fastened with something that looked like leather belts and every elevator had tips on how to keep your shoes in ship shape.

We had a reservation for dinner at 6pm but were able to push it off for 45 minutes so that we could each squeeze a run / walk in. I was in the gym by myself (AJ ran outside) and listened to my favorite podcast, the Happy Hour by Jamie Ivy. It felt great to get some good exercise before eating a dynamite dinner.

The hotel even had disposable headphones for people like me who forgot our own.

When we got back to the room we had some of the champagne that came with the package and some chocolate covered strawberries and quickly got ready for dinner at Matadora.

Dinner at Matadora was fantastic. We got a few tapas, including these olives, almonds, bread and cheese. This tuna tapas (middle) was incredible. The Rosemary Manchego Fries were so unique.

Breakfast the next morning was also superb and came with the Romance Package.

Our plan for the next morning was to walk through Market Street in Lynnfield. It’s 10 minutes away from the Hilton and it’s such a fun place to wander around. The architecture of the Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids are two of my favorites in the whole plaza with their quintessentially New England appeal.

We’d definitely recommend the Romance Package. The package is $209 and it includes champagne, dinner  and breakfast… it is well worth the cost especially when you’d factor in what the dinner and breakfast would cost individually. Any good date night or a night away includes plenty of free time, amazing food and some great design.

Or if you want to get away with your kids for April vacation in a couple of weeks check out their Staycation Package… our kids would have loved their pool and breakfast with piles and piles of berries!

Many thanks to the Hilton Boston-Woburn for hosting us last weekend. All opinions in this post are my own!

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