All the Faves

Way back when I first started blogging I had a regular Wednesday post called Wednesday Loves. I was thinking about all sorts of random things I want to tell you about and figured that bringing back this column would be the best way to do that. It won’t be every week but it will occasionally be popping up on the blog.


I just finished reading this book now. It’s definitely one of, if not the best, Elin Hildebrand book. If you love food and Nantucket, or at least the idea of Nantucket, this book is for  you. It’s not perfectly clean but the language and sex are kept at a minimum. After reading it I want to eat out every night at incredible restaurants or learn to be a fantastic chef. Both of which seem to be a little far fetched right now so I’ll stick with this amazing beach read.


I recently dropped my phone into a puddle, lost every contact and had to purchase a new phone. I got the iPhone 6 and love the Kate Spade case I picked up for it. It’s sturdy enough to definitely give support but not so bulky that it looks like I’m a construction worker trying to protect my phone (as AJ’s case does ;)). It’s cute and stylish and you can sometimes find them at Marshalls (that’s where I got mine!).


My favorite summer PJ  is a pink pant from J. Crew just like these. I love them so much that I’ve been wanting another pair in blue (they are in my shopping cart right now!). I’m one of those weird people that hate to wear shorts to bed because I can’t stand my legs touching when they are sort of clammy and hot. I’d so much rather have a light pair of PJ pants on like these.


Last weekend we went to Diana’s Bath in Bartlett, New Hampshire. It’s a really easy little hike that we did with the jogging stroller for the babies. There are all sorts of waterfalls and little pools to play in… it’s definitely worth the trip but get there early if you are going on the weekend because the parking lot fills up FAST. Parking is $5 but other than that it’s free. I ended up dropping everyone off and then parking at the state park a mile away and running back so we wouldn’t have to wait in the long line to get in with antsy children.


All summer long we’ve had the kids doing these no-frills Monday night races. They love them and have been getting so much better each week. It’s unfortunately over now until next summer but I’m planning a fun kids run on September 29 at Gordon College in Wenham, MA at 8:30am. It’s completely free and all kids will get a shirt and be entered for a chance to win one of five kids activity trackers (like a FitBit). I would love love love to meet you and your kids! There is a 1/3 of a mile course and a mile. I can pretty much guarantee that Drew will stop mid-race to check his steps and time on his… he’s obsessed.

Lastly… Giveaway

Yesterday was back to school day for us which, despite an unprecedented heat wave, always feels like the unofficial start of fall. In honor of that I have a fun baking and entertaining giveaway; the napkins, table runner and amazing notepad are from the hugely talented Everyday Occasions. I popped some wood cooking / baking items in the giveaway with a candle I am in love with. Simply comment to win… and, it’s not a requirement to enter, but go shop her fun site. Only US addresses, please.

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