Creating a Timeless Christmas

A blog reader recently asked me how I curated my collection of Christmas decor so that I have a look that’s timeless and so that I’m not spending a ridiculous amount of money each year reinventing the wheel. Some of the ornaments I have are older than my relationship with AJ so that’s saying a lot about timeless choices, right?

Sources above: Chairs || Letter ornaments: Target || Wrapping Paper: Home Goods and Marshalls ||  Rug || Tree || Boxes: Target

Tip One: Buy Neutrals in Classic Shapes

I’m specifically talking about your base ornaments here. I have dozens of silver and clear glass ornaments of varying shapes but most are circular. I can mix and match the majority of them and almost every year stock up on 1-4 packs of them depending on prices. I have a good amount of ornaments from Restoration Hardware (these are my oldest ones) but then went to the RH Outlet a couple of years ago and snagged a bunch that were comparable to Home Goods prices. That being said, I generally only buy quality ornaments I’m in love with. I want them to be heavy weight.

If you have a bunch of neutral ornaments it’s not hard on the budget to buy a few in an accent color if you want to shake things up.

Tip Two: Buy Fake

I have a bunch of fake Christmas trees in our house, two full sized, two half sizes and one tiny (1.5 -2 feet tall) in each of the kids rooms. We can set them out early and I chose trees that are affordable yet not super cheap looking. The two little half sizes trees were a little cheaper looking than I anticipated when I took them out of the box but when I fluffed them, popped some fiberfill between the branches and added some twinkling lights I was really happy with them. (Tip: this candle is UNREAL  and always makes me feel like I have a real tree in the room!)

I am committed to doing fake with a lot of my decor especially after calculating what I spent on pumpkins this fall… I’d buy a few pumpkins over about a month and a half a few times going out grocery shopping and before I knew it I’d probably spent about $75 on pumpkins THAT I AM GOING TO THROW AWAY. It made me sick to think about that… I could have popped into Home Goods and spent $75, had fewer pumpkins this year but then had them FOR YEARS AFTER. It’s crazy that I have never done that because it’s been my strategy for Christmas for years.

Sources Above: Tree || Letter Ornaments: Target (in store; similar here and here) || Ribbon: Michaels (similar here)

Tip Three: Decorate for Christmas in your houses’ normal decor colors

Decorate for Christmas in your houses’ normal decor colors that way you can reuse many everyday pieces in your decorating instead of bringing in a color you never use. For example, if I were to decorate with red it would cost me a lot more money than doing silver and blues because I’d want to have my pillows, my throws, my flowers all match the theme.

If you want to go a little out of your normal color wheel make sure the rest of your house is fairly neutral and then introduce your red (or whatever color you choose). That way you can have all your neutral decor, your silver, white and gold ornaments and then add in a few red ornaments, a throw and two pillows or something like that… I’ve recently discovered H&M Home and they have incredibly decent prices on their pillow covers if you want it just for a season.

Sources above: Chairs || Rug || Tree || Sign: by Rachel at Maison de Pax || Paint Color: Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Tip Four: Purchase items you can use in 2+ rooms

I love switching up where I place things each year so that Christmas doesn’t feel stale each year. Things this year are fairly similar to last year but once the kitchen is done (not torn apart like it will be this Christmas) I’ll be able to put any of our decor pieces into the kitchen and have a totally new look.

Sources Above: Trees: Home Goods, Marshalls and Wayfair (similar trees here) || Little Houses: Target Dollar Spot (last year) || Mirror: Secondhand || Lamps: Marshalls || Tree: Bellacor

Tip Five: Don’t look past picture frames and wrapping paper

This year I’m adding in some family photos and Christmas artwork to further expand our Christmas look without breaking the bank. We were given a piece of framed artwork I didn’t love (below) but I knew I could take out the stock photo and frame our family’s Christmas card photo in there. I generally dress us in our houses’ decor colors so our Christmas card photo will look good framed in our space.

Every year I purchase a few wrapping papers in colors that match our house so that I can decorate and get ahead with my wrapping at the same time. I pop the presents around on little tables or under trees.

Sources: Letters: Target || Wrapping Paper: Home Goods and Marshalls || Slippers: Therapedic from Bed, Bath & Beyond (these were provided to me) || Rug || Tree || Boxes: Target


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