Wednesday Loves

Happy Hump Day! Today’s Wednesday Loves is full of some of my favorite things right now… almost all of them would make great Christmas gifts… including the race I mention (how unique would it be to purchase a race entry for someone to a fabulous race?!).


Therapedic Products from Bed, Bath & Beyond

Recently Therapedic offered to send AJ and I some products to try out. I was interested but honestly not that excited because I didn’t think they were anything new or different (except for the weighted blanket which I’d read about on a blog). Well, my mind was totally changed when I received them. The memory foam slippers are amazing and really affordable… they’d be a great Christmas gift (they seemed to run small but they’ve stretched out to be comfortable) and they are definitely the most comfortable pair of slippers I’ve ever owned. I love that they are super warm and have a plastic bottom so my feet stay warmer.

The also sent us an electric heated blanket that AJ and I always want while watching TV… he prefers the heat to be down lower and use the blanket to stay warm. Lastly… the weighted blanket: I haven’t quite got a grip on the technology behind it but I am sleeping better and am more comfortable. At first it’s the weirdest feeling because it feels like it’s ridiculously heavy for the first two nights but we got used to it.

Hot Chocolate 15k

I just discovered a race series called the AllState Hot Chocolate 15k, I think it was one of those random ads that popped up while I was searching for something else. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect race for me I don’t know what is. I mean, seriously, a race which ends with hot chocolate!?! Would any of you be interested in training for it and doing it (we could all run our own pace but it would be fun to meet some of you at one… none are in Boston so I’ll have to travel to any of them. I’m leaning toward Philly in April… that’ll give me time to get in shape for almost 10 miles (eeek).


My newest movie obsession is Wonder with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, it’s based of the book of the same title. Maybe we are totally behind the times and all you have seen it but it was incredible and thought I needed to pass it along if you hadn’t seen it. So thought provoking, even with how I treat people who might be marginalized now, and it’s been a great discussion starter with Drew and Elle. If you have Amazon Prime it’s on there for free now.

Groupon for Christmas Cards

I found a Groupon for 70 Christmas cards for $27.99, they have a few different pricing / quantity options too! It includes one sided cards on the basic card stock which I found to be substantial. I placed the order on November 26 and got them December 3 so the turnaround time is pretty fast! (I just took a bad photo below and it’s too dark to redo but they are totally clear and bright in real life.)

Tell me, what are some of your favorite things right now???

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