Kitchen Updates

Right now we are in a holding place for the kitchen so I thought I’d give you a little update of what’s happening right now while we wait for more exciting progress to happen.

Plumbing (I know, so exciting!)

This is the biggest reason we are in the holding pattern. We should have had all the plumbing done before the hardwood floors even went in NOT when the sink was put in place. Big mistake. This will definitely cost us more than we originally intended but they start the work hopefully tomorrow (it should have been two days ago). We had our main sink, two bar sinks, a pot filler and a gas (propane) range we need them to hook up. There has been a big learning curve with this kitchen because it’s a larger job than we’ve ever tackled. Apparently when you are installing a 48 inch range with the number of BTUs (something to do with the power and number of burners I think) you need to make sure you are venting outside and not with a ductless range hood. Right now we’ve been trying to figure out how to make this happen while not ruining the kitchen design and still meeting code.


Kitchen Aid Fridge (we will have different panels, ours will be white and match the cabinets, and different handles)

We just ordered the fridge today. After about a month of thinking about it we decided to purchase the higher end one. What it came down to was this… we have six people in this house and I grocery shop 2-3 times per week because the fridge is always full so we wanted something larger. Secondly, we wanted something that was integrated with the rest of the kitchen cabinets. Lastly, the biggest thing for us was if we decide to sell we know we’d get every penny we put into this kitchen back even if we spend on this higher cost appliance (or maybe even because of it). Whenever we do renovations we are always asking ourselves “what do we love?” and “is this a good investment?” and this fridge meets the needs on both of those questions.


photo of Kristy Wicks’ gorgeous kitchen

The counters will be installed a week from tomorrow! Kristy Wicks’ has 2.5 inch counters (like we ordered) BUT she had a slightly decorative edge and I loved the look of something that was a little more dressy. One of my pet peeves is a kitchen that looks high end and then has super thin counters so we paid a little less than a $900ish extra to have the edges double thick. It was a little pricey to add in the Ogee edge because we have about 90 linear feet but I was feeling really anxious about the 2.5 inch counters feeling too modern because of the size.

Bar Stools

photo of Monika Hibbs’ former kitchen

I’ve been looking high and low for bar stools that’ll go with the space but not be competing with the floors. It’s harder than you’d think to find a stool with a seat height of 30-32 inches that goes with our kitchen. My first thought were these World Market stools but then after we got the floors redone I thought maybe the smarter bet was to go with these almost identical Restoration Hardware stools because they have four different stain finish options… and then… the stars aligned and the bar stools  that I’ve oggled from Monika Hibbs’ kitchen for years just happened to be right on the pages of the Ballard Designs catalog I was looking at this weekend in a warm gray and on sale (I think Monika Hibbs’ are from Williams Sonoma but they are $100+ more)!!! We won’t be purchasing these right away because we just decided up the upgraded edge of the counters and the upgraded fridge so we are trying to space out our big purchases.


Last week a painter my parents have used came out to the house to give us a quote on painting the entire kitchen including all seven of the sliding glass doors! I was completely shocked at how affordable he was and even wrote him back to double check he included all seven of the sliders in the price he quoted. This is another line item I included in the amended budget. For anyone local the painter was Jay Willichoski Painting and he was as nice as can be! My mom told me he’s good but not as perfectionistic as my father (no one is except for my grandfather who is even worse) so I wasn’t too stressed about that. 🙂

Okay… that’s all for kitchen updates until next Wednesday when the counters go in! Follow along on Instagram stories and Facebook to see Wednesday’s update!

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