All the Straw (most for really affordable prices!)

Last year I went to purchase a straw clutch that I loved in March and it was already sold out by then so I figured I’d help you ladies out and round up some of the ones I love that I’m looking at for our trip to Florida in April and for this summer so you can snag them before they sell out. I included a bunch of items $30 or under and I only included straw or raffia items that I’d use so you won’t see a lot of colorful options. I always look at the cost per wear of an item before I purchase, for example, the slide on sneakers are a splurge at $80 but based off how often I wore a similar style last summer I’d say it might be worth it. That’s also the reason you’ll see that I chose almost all neutral pieces so that it can go with the maximum amount of outfits. I unfortunately won’t be getting number seven on the accessories collage but gosh do I love them… 🙂


Clutch Sources

onetwothree  |  four  |  five  |  six  (just ordered this one!)|  seven

make sure you check out this super cute one that I forgot to include a photo of!


Tote Sources

onetwothree  |  four  |  five  (short handled version here) | six

make sure you check out this gorgeous one that I just found too!


Hat Sources


Shoes and Accessories

Shoes and Accessories Sources

onetwo  |  three  (final sale plus they come in four colors!)

 four  (splurge… would look great with white jeans!)|  five  |  six  |  seven (like a piece of art!)

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