Super Exciting News – Introducing The DIY Style Finder

Hey Friends! I am so excited about today’s blog post! For almost two years now I’ve been sitting on some pretty exciting news, and today is the day I can finally spill the beans. Drumroll please……My home and I are in a design…

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Master Bathroom Progress

Well, it’s week 2 of the Adventure Refresh Makeover Challenge, and I’m back to share a little peek of the progress I’ve made in the master bathroom. We haven’t seen the sun in over a week here in Charleston, so please excuse…

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Stylish Ceiling Fans Under $400

And actually most of these ceiling fans are under $350! It’s been a while since I’ve looked into buying a ceiling fan, and my, was I a little shocked at how much ceiling fans are selling for these days. That sentence makes me sound old,…

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Master Bathroom Makeover Plans

Nothing says love like a room makeover, am I right?! Happy Valentine’s Day friends! I’m excited to announce that for the next three weeks I’ll be joining a few of my favorite design bloggers in a room refresh adventure! We’ll…

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Best Purchases of 2018

Here’s the post I’ve been meaning to write for a month and a half. Last year I started my now annual “Best Purchases” post from the previous year. I figure having certain items long enough warrants enough time to give them a fair review. Some of the items on this year’s list were purchased in 2018 although we didn’t start using them till this year but I’m still including them because I love them so much.

One || Our Patio Set

These pieces were individual purchases (two separate loveseats and a chair set which included the coffee table) so you could purchase as many or as few as the pieces as you’d like. After months of use they were very comfortable and I didn’t notice any adverse wear on the cushions (except from kids bringing food over to them). The cushions stayed the perfect firmness and we had only one or two spots where the wicker popped up… I was nervous there was going to be a lot more with four kids!

I’d HIGHLY recommend this set. I’d also highly recommend these covers for them, they are a little big which makes putting them on a breeze (no struggling to put ones that fit them like a glove on).





You can read the full post about the patio set here.

Two and Three || Apron Front Sink and Bridge Faucet

While we bought these months ago we’ve only been using them for a few weeks but so far I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They both feel really sturdy and well-made. The sink has SO MUCH ROOM IN IT and I love that it came with a grate to protect the bottom of the sink. The prices on these two items are really affordable in comparison to similar items.

Four|| DW Home Gardenia Candle

If my home had a signature scent this would be it. I find all my DW Home Gardenia candles at Marshalls but in case you can’t here is the link to the Amazon one. It’s about $8 more than you’ll spend on it at Marshalls.

Five || Therapedic Weighted Blanket

Therapedic sent me some products in October or November that they wanted help getting the word out about. I just needed to do an Instagram post and a stories about them but I can’t stop talking about them (you’ll see another one of the items made the list in the clothing section). This weighted blanket is so different from anything we’ve ever had but we love it. I think I sleep better and deeper, it keeps me SO warm and generally is one of my favorite blankets EVER. The first few nights are so weird and I hate when it’s laying on my throat but otherwise it’s INCREDIBLE. My guess is that it’ll be a colder weather item for our bed because it really keeps you warm. The downside to it is that it’s pricey but I’d say it’s highly worth it (we have the large size which weighs 20 pounds but I’d get the extra large if you are putting it on a queen bed like we are).

Six|| J. Crew Chambray Dress

I wore this dress on repeat all summer. This unfortunately isn’t the best photo but it was so comfortable and was great to transition from spring to summer and summer to fall. It’s 50% off now too. (There are a lot of dresses from J. Crew Factory that are 50% off now that I’m in love with…)

This dress is almost identical, it just has scalloped sleeves instead of a tie on them.

Seven || Make + Model Joggers

I asked my sister for these pants for my birthday. When she got them about four months ago they had different colors but I’m in love with them. I wear them constantly. They are ridiculously soft and comfy. There are two downsides: the ride pretty low (careful sitting down!) and they pill very easily (I think mine show the pills easily because they are a very light blue so I’d highly recommend the dark blue or black joggers).

Eight || Jo Malone Orange Blossom Perfume

You’ve read my ravings about this perfume before. My mom and dad gave this to me for my birthday this year because I finally ran out of my original bottle and I’ve been in love with it for about eight years since I started using it. The smallest sized bottle lasts me for years.

Nine || Therapedic Memory Foam Slippers

I have worn these slippers EVERY SINGLE DAY since I got them, including this very second. They are under $20, so comfy and really keep my feet warm! (Though Therapedic sent me these free of charge I do not have to promote them… I’m only doing it because they are easily one of my favorite new things from this year.)

Ten || Siblings without Rivalry and Crazy Rich Asians

The fact is not lost on me that I’m recommending two completely different books in the same sentence. Crazy Rich Asians is hysterical and fluffy and about so much stuff that doesn’t matter. There are a few trashy parts but for the most part it’s pretty clean. If you want a good book to escape in this is it… I loved it so much I just started Rich People Problems (also hysterical but haven’t read China Rich Girlfriend yet).

Siblings without Rivalry is amazing. It is making me rethink everything about how I interact with the kids, how I want them to interact together and what I saw in front of them and about them that might be hurting them.





Eleven || Our Double Stroller(s)

This is the stroller that I take everywhere with us (it’s not our jogging stroller which I really adore though (sidenote: we have the single and double BOB jogging stroller and I cannot recommend them highly enough, they’ve last us YEARS, the expensive price is 100% worth it)). This is the stroller that gets us through Target and the grocery store. You’d be surprised at how many groceries you can fit underneath this thing… We chose it because it had great reviews and was pretty affordable!

Everyday stroller

Bob Stroller

Lastly, bonus item:

I got the a Mariposa platter just like this about two years ago and I am in LOVE with it and use it all the time. They are normally VERY expensive but I found the almost identical one to ours for $20 on Amazon, I don’t know if it’s a mistake Amazon made in pricing because they are normally $150ish but I just bought one for $20 this morning and there are only 10 left I think. It would make SUCH a good gift!

Have a great day and don’t forget to check out these posts (especially if you still have coffee in that mug to enjoy!):

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Exploring South Carolina’s Historical Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens Azaleas in Bloom Azaleas in bloom. Photo via Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.


South Carolina’s Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is home to the oldest restored gardens in America with some areas of the property more than 325 years old. Under the ownership of Read More…

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Kilim Pillows Under $50

I love vintage Kilim pillows! They always add the perfect amount of color, culture and texture to a space. Kilim pillows seem to be everywhere lately, and I’m noticing more big box stores jumping on this trend. But I myself will always prefer…

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